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Green Coffee

Trade and import of green coffee from most of the coffee growing origins. We specialize in long term on time to door delivery contracts. Our long time based relationship with farmers and co-operatives are the best quality guarantee. We are ready for every customer needs, supporting all size roasters.

Uganda Premium 100% Arabica Coffee

Roasted Coffee

Roasted to perfection in small batches coffee is the best way to deliver always fresh coffee. We provide private labeling service to meet small buyers needs. Our experience in sourcing green coffee ensures the best prices and service quality.

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Liquid Coffee Concentrate

Shelf Stable, All Natural, High Yield liquid coffee concentrates. We offer by far the best liquid coffee concentrates in the industry. Our products do not contain preservatives or non coffee ingredients. 12 months shelf life, 85x reconstitution ratio is the standard with no refrigeration required.

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Instant Coffee

Our instant coffee offer meets every buyer's needs. Our strategic partnership with Instant coffee manufacturers in India, Vietnam and Colombia, ensures the best quality of products and services. Bulk instant coffee supply and private label services from state of the art production plants.

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