Liquid Coffee Concentrate “Classic Roast” 30X Ratio.

Introducing our Liquid Coffee Concentrate Classic Roast, the ultimate coffee experience in a bottle! With a potent reconstitution ratio of 30X, this remarkable brew is created using only two simple ingredients: natural coffee and spring water. Say goodbye to preservatives and non-coffee additives because we believe in keeping it pure and authentic.


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Convenience is key, which is why our Liquid Coffee Concentrate Classic Roast is packed in 64oz BiBs, perfectly compatible with your Bunn™ or other Scholle™ liquid coffee dispensers. With dimensions of 5.5 x 4.5 x 9 and weighing 5 lbs, it’s a compact powerhouse that delivers incredible results. Each 64 oz pack yields approximately 330 cups of 6 oz each, ensuring you have an abundant supply to satisfy your coffee cravings.

Prepare yourself for a bold and robust coffee experience that will awaken your senses. Our recommended reconstitution ratio of 30X guarantees a strong and invigorating beverage. However, we understand that everyone has their preferred strength, so we encourage you to adjust your dispenser’s ratio to achieve the perfect intensity for you.

Compared to cumbersome frozen alternatives or other coffee extracts, our Classic Roast takes the crown for superior quality. It’s easy to handle and ensures a consistently fantastic taste that will elevate your coffee game.

When it comes to speed, nothing beats our liquid coffee dispensing system. Whether it’s a bustling cafe or a busy office, our QuicKafe™ – Coffee On Demand sales program is the ultimate solution. Perfect for establishments facing high-volume demands within limited timeframes, our system delivers exceptional coffee in an instant.

In addition to our Liquid Coffee Concentrate Classic Roast, we also offer privately labeled liquid coffee extracts, bulk packing, and single-serve options. With our standard 30+1 ratio, you can enjoy an impressive 31 gallons of ready-to-drink coffee from just one gallon.

For any inquiries about this extraordinary product, please don’t hesitate to contact us. To explore more information about our liquid coffee concentrate range, visit our dedicated page. And if you’re ready to taste the excellence for yourself, simply click the button below to request a sample. Elevate your coffee experience with Liquid Coffee Concentrate Classic Roast today!

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