Liquid Coffee Concentrate 5 Gallons Pail – French Roast All Natural, Shelf Stable

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85+1 ratio

Made from the whole bean roasted coffee. 1 gallon of our concentrate makes 86 gallons of fresh brewed coffee!
That’s only $0.01 per ounce of ready to drink coffee!


Purchase Volume Price per gallon
1 - 4 pails $900.00
5 - 10 pail $810.00
11 pails and more $765.00

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Liquid Coffee Concentrate 5 gallons pail, rocessed with premium strictly high grown arabica organic coffee. All coffee roasting, extraction and processing is done at our processing plant located St. Augustine, Florida.

Cold Brew Liquid Roast Coffee is 100% coffee.

Our concentrates do not contain any preservatives or non-coffee additives. Only coffee and water are used. When compared with hard to handle frozen or other shelf stable concentrates, the quality of our products prevails.

  • Our concentrates are packed and labeled to our customers’ specification.
  • We offer private label, drop shipping, bulk packing, single serve packing and much more.
Our standard reconstitution ratio (86x and up) saves on freight, storage and labor costs.

Note, if you are not currently using a 69+1 or any other reconstitution ratio coffee concentrate you will need to adjust your coffee brewer to achieve the proper taste.  Please contact us for assistance.

Our Liquid Coffee Concentrate 5 gallons pail is the best choice for customers looking for bulk purchase. The Liquid Coffee Concentrate 5 gallons pail is the most efficient bulk coffee ingredient on the market.

Processing is done in the USA to better service the needs of our global customer base.
We have 3 regular blends and 1 decaf blends to meet your requirements.

  • 100% Colombian
  • 100% Colombian Decaffeinated
  • French (Dark) Roast
  • Institutional

BEWARE. Other manufacturers prefer to use the following methods to extend the shelf life of liquid coffee concentrate:

  • Freezing for long term shelf-life and/or refrigeration for short term shelf-life.
  • Adding chemicals or preservatives to the liquid coffee concentrate.

Our proprietary “PF-CSP” all-natural, stabilization process that results in long-term product stability extends shelf life without using any refrigeration, preservatives, or non-coffee ingredients.

Click HERE to learn more about our liquid coffee concentrates.

Our concentrates are also available at eBay™ and Amazon™

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 13 in
Regular or Decaffeinated

Regular, Decaffeinated


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