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fine liquid coffee extracts
fine liquid coffee extracts

Fine Liquid Coffee Extracts

All natural, shelf stable liquid coffee extracts made in 100% from carefully selected coffee beans, roasted to perfection and extracted in small batches for maximum freshness. Our fine liquid coffee extracts do not contain any preservatives or non-coffee additives. Only natural coffee and spring water are used in production process.
When compared with hard to handle frozen or other coffee extracts, the quality of our extracts prevails.

Packed in standard 1 gallon or 1/2 gallon BiBs ready for your Bunn™ or other Scholle™ compatible liquid coffee dispensers.

Fine liquid coffee extracts – applications.

Generally speaking, there is no faster way to brew coffee then the liquid coffee dispensing system. Wherever the coffee beverage is served, our QuicKafe™ – Coffee On demand sales program is the best solution. Especially at those business establishments facing high volume demand for coffee over short period of time.

Most business offering coffee to employees or customers using drip through dispensers deal with the same brewing problems every day:

Let’s not forget about those using Keurig™ coffee makers where the following issues are common:

Those are just a few but very important issues. Sadly, there are also health related concerns related to Keurig™ coffee makers:

coffee mess
Aren't you tired of this? Switch to QuicKafe™ for great tasting coffee and peace of mind.

Contrary to drip through or other coffee brewing methods, our proprietary on demand liquid coffee dispensing system eliminates those issues letting you focus on your business.


Switch to QuicKafe™ today. Save time and money. Turn your waiting customers into satisfied customers!

Only two ingredients: Natural Coffee & Spring Water!

Our All natural liquid coffee extract is 100% coffee. We also offer private labeled liquid coffee extracts, bulk packing, single-serve packing and much more. Our standard 30+1 ratio offers 31 gallons of ready to drink coffee out of single load of 1 gallon BiB (Bag in Box)!


Did you know?



* Industry standard 6oz cups.



Our proprietary “PS-CSP” – all natural, stabilization process results in long-term product stability, extends shelf life without using any preservatives, refrigeration, or non-coffee ingredients.


Other Manufacturers prefer to use the following methods to extend the shelf life of liquid coffee EXTRACT: freezing (for long therm shelf-life), refrigeration (for short term shelf-life), adding chemicals or preservatives to the liquid coffee concentrate.

Liquid Coffee Extract - Advantages.

* Our fine liquid coffee extracts are very potent. The 30X ratio produces bold cup of coffee with good body and aroma. Make sure to adjust the ratio settings of your coffee dispenser to achieve the desired taste when switching from other liquid coffee extracts..

The QuicKafe™ – Coffee On Demand sales program brings you the great coffee at the affordable cost. We try to keep it simple. See how much will it cost you to have our QuicKafe™ working for you. Click on the QuicKafe™ logo below to find out your cost per cup of coffee.


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