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Liquid Coffee Extract Shelf Life

The term “Shelf Life” is often misused and generally misunderstood. To be commercially marketed on a broad scale basis, and withstand the rigors of handling in the distribution process “liquid coffee extract” needs to have a “shelf life” of at least six months. The concentrate must fit for human consumption (unspoiled) for a period of at least twelve months. “Shelf Life” does not mean: “the point in time when the product is no longer fit for consumption”. The real “Shelf Life” of any food product is determined to be that point in time when there is any noticeable change in flavor quality or the integrity of the product. Our “Shelf Life” tests have shown it will take about five years before the product cannot be used. However, at five-year shelf life, there is considerable flavor loss. We currently recommend, and label most products with a six month shelf life at room temperature. At the end of six months the product is still safe for consumption. however, there will be a slight loss of flavor profile, which increases with time. To ensure the very highest coffee flavor profile and maximum aroma, products are best used within 180 days of production. Production dates are stamped on each container.

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