All Natural Liquid Coffee Concentrate

All Natural Liquid Coffee Concentrate

Only two ingredients: Natural Coffee & Spring Water!
No Preservatives - No refrigeration required!

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Liquid Coffee Concentrate

Our All natural liquid coffee concentrate / Extract is 100% coffee. Our concentrates do not contain any preservatives or non-coffee additives.
When compared with hard to handle frozen or other shelf-stable concentrates, the quality of our products prevails. A simple taste test will demonstrate the superiority of our fine coffee. Our concentrates are packed and labeled to our customers’ specifications.
We offer all natural liquid coffee concentrate in private label, drop shipping, bulk packing, single-serve packing, BiBs to fit popular Bunn™ dispensers and much more.

There is no faster way to brew coffee unless you use all natural liquid coffee concentrate / extract and liquid coffee dispenser.
Our standard 85+1 ratio offers 86 gallons of ready to drink coffee out of single load of 1 gallon BiB (Bag in Box)!

That's over 1,800 cups of coffee out of 1 gallon of our
All natural liquid coffee concentrate!*

* Make sure to adjust the ratio settings of your coffee dispenser to achieve the desired taste.


Our proprietary “PS-CSP” – all natural, stabilization process results in long-term product stability, extends shelf life without using any preservatives, refrigeration, or non-coffee ingredients.


Other Manufacturers prefer to use the following methods to extend the shelf life of liquid coffee concentrate:

  • Freezing for long therm shelf-life
  • Refrigeration for short term shelf-life
  • Adding chemicals or preservatives to the liquid coffee concentrate.

Liquid Coffee Concentrate - Advantages.

  • All Natural – No, preservatives, only coffee and spring water are used in production.
  • Shelf Stable – Our concentrates are shelf stable at room temperature for 12 months.
  • No Refrigeration required!
  • No Filters – There are no filters or messy grounds to contend with.
  • No waste – There is never any wasted product.
  • No Spoilage – You do not have to be concerned with spoilage or difficult handling problems. There are no open bottles to spill.
  • Saves time – Using our concentrates as an ingredient allows to save labor, storage space and production time.
  • Total Consistency.
  • Instant Delivery 24/7/365 by a cup or gallon.
  • Kosher Certified.
  • Saves space.
  • Adjustable product strength.
  • Packed in 1/2 or 1 gallon BiBs to fit popular Bunn™ Dispensers.
  • Other packaging solutions are offered to meet every customer’s requirements.

All natural liquid coffee concentrate / Extract – Definitions & Information.

By definition, the term “ all nature liquid coffee concentrate” refers to a concentrated 100% brewed coffee product with a high ratio of soluble solids resulting from extracting process. The term “shelf life” means the point in a product life when there is a discernible negative change in product quality. It does not mean the point in time where the product is unfit for human consumption. If the product is unfit for human consumption, it is considered “spoiled”. Freshly brewed coffee and liquid coffee concentrates are not naturally shelf-stable. The shelf life of freshly brewed coffee is only about twenty minutes, and the shelf life of not stabilized coffee concentrate is only a few hours. Freshly brewed coffee and liquid coffee concentrate will “spoil” or become unfit for consumption within days if the product is not handled properly.

All Natural Liquid Coffee Concentrate / Extract – Shelf Life

The term “Shelf Life” is often misused and generally misunderstood. To be commercially marketed on a broad scale basis, and withstand the rigors of handling in the distribution process “liquid coffee concentrate” need to have a “shelf life” of at least six months. The concentrate must fit for human consumption (unspoiled) for a period of at least twelve months.
“Shelf Life” does not mean: “the point in time when the product is no longer fit for consumption”. The real “Shelf Life” of any food product is determined to be that point in time when there is any noticeable change in flavor quality or the integrity of the product.
Our “Shelf Life” tests have shown it will take about five years before the product cannot be used. However, at five-year shelf life, there is considerable flavor loss. We currently recommend, and label most products with a one-year shelf life at room temperature. At the end of one year the product is still safe for consumption. however, there will be a slight loss of flavor profile, which increases with time. To ensure the very highest coffee flavor profile and maximum aroma, products are best used within 180 days of production. Production dates are stamped on each container.

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